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Employee Onboarding: How To Do It Well and the Best Software Options To Help

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By Sue Peterson

An effective onboarding program has many advantages for new hires. It provides the information, tools, and education to be productive from the start ,while building strong connections among employees and managers. In addition, encouraging open communication or a method for new hires to find answers about their new workplace without feeling pressure increases their engagement.

According to Gallup’s “State of the American Workplace Report,” engagement among employees is the most important factor when it comes to retention and productivity. Let’s look at six software options that can help streamline and standardize the onboarding process for your company.

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1. BambooHR


One of the most popular options on the market, BambooHR features include e-signatures and application tracking to help streamline the onboarding process. Benefits, bonuses, raises, and other job-related information can be tracked with this comprehensive, easy-to-use software. Other highlights include custom workflows, open API to allow integration with other HR software services, and a 7-day free trial. All of your employee information can be in one secure database with the necessary tools and editing capabilities.

Screenshot: BambooHR


Pricing: $8.50/month per employee if you choose only the Core HR + Leave Management and Performance modules.

This HR product, recently acquired by the Sage Group, claims outstanding employee onboarding functionality with innovative and user-friendly tools. Each employee can be viewed in the onboarding flow and the workflow builder can help you create and automate onboarding tasks according to your company’s standards.

Recruitment solutions, expense trackers, and leave management tools round out Sage HR. The software supports Microsoft Office templates (Excel, Word) and integrates with GSuite and Slack. If you want to integrate with other systems, they can build out custom integration.


3. Click Boarding

Pricing: Contact the company for a quote.

With its simple design, Click Boarding software provides pre-designed templates and content to easily set up onboarding and manage employee progress every step of the way. This comprehensive program provides everything from document management to e-verifying forms, electronic signatures, an employee handbook, job description management, orientation workflow management, a self-service portal, and task management.

The drag and drop builder helps you create your unique flow. Additional features include the ability to track employee progress through the onboarding flow and seamless integration with many of the major HR software platforms.


4. Eddy

Pricing: Contact for a customized quote. Small companies are offered an affordable, flat-rate monthly price. Larger businesses are charged based on the number of employees per month.

With Eddy’s onboarding process, all of your HR documents can be created, sent, signed, and stored digitally with the goal of helping streamline the onboarding process. New employees can create their own profiles and sign documents digitally to save time. The onboarding process is easy and smooth for all involved parties. Eddy prides itself on specializing in remote workers, offering first-day messaging, and providing a trackable task list.


5. Kin


Kin’s software is a great fit for small businesses that don’t have designated HR departments. Some of Kin’s features include extensive onboarding checklists, personalized welcome pages with linked tasks, and secure digital signatures. Other highlights are co-worker bios, third-party integration, and an overall clean design.


6. Talmundo

Pricing: Contact for a quote; pricing is subscription-based.

Talmundo is quick to implement, scalable and cutting edge when it comes to onboarding software. Created in Amsterdam, it’s meant to revolutionize the onboarding process to inspire new hires from the moment they start with your company. The interactive to-do lists and fun quizzes are unique features to complement the onboarding process in a creative way. The software offers helpful feedback and detailed analytics so you can remedy any problem(s) as quickly as possible.


Considerations for Implementing Onboarding Software Programs

There are many factors to consider when choosing what onboarding software to commit to. Some of these include:

Company objectives

It is important to know what your company is hoping to get out of the software. Is is about digitizing everything? Increasing engagement? Being innovative? Knowing this will help you choose software that aligns with your company goals.



Another factor to think about is the varied prices and payment structures. Perhaps you prefer a subscription-based model, a pay per user model, or an annual plan. Your budget may limit what software options you have – and that’s okay!


Think about how your onboarding solution needs to integrate into your current HR software. If they won’t work together, it’s going to be a choppy and unenjoyable experience for everyone. Look for an option that offers seamless integration to ensure a quality onboarding experience.



The time it’ll take to implement and get comfortable with the software is also an important factor.


Opt for software that provides a user-friendly interface and experience over one that is complex and may end up being frustrating. Inquire about free trials, read reviews, and request a demo of at least a couple of software options before you make your final decision.


Get Started

Throughout the process of implementing, gather feedback from existing and new employees to continue to improve the onboarding process.

The importance of onboarding cannot be overlooked. With the help of some digital tools – of which we’ve discussed six – you can make the process easier and more efficient. In the end, your HR processes will be streamlined and you’ll have a better shot at retaining your best people longer. Overall, a win-win situation.

About the Author


Sue Peterson has over 10 years of experience as a freelance writer and editor for hundreds of clients around the world. She is a part-time instructor in the Graduate Education Department of Concordia University after teaching in Wisconsin public schools and abroad for three decades. In her free time, Sue enjoys the solitude of her Northwoods cabin, as well as sailing and gardening.

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